Saturday, October 3, 2009

The HOBT is Moving!

Some exciting news today – I’ve been invited to blog over at!  SQLBlog is the home of some of the brightest minds in the SQL Server world, so I’m still a bit shocked that MVP Adam Machanic thought highly enough of my content to ask me to blog on his site.  I’m going to try to keep a low profile over there so he doesn’t realize the mistake that he’s made ;-)

My continual aim has been to reach as many people as possible with the content that I publish on The HoBT, and the decision move to SQLBlog was made with that in mind.  The sheer number of talented people that write over there has resulted in a pretty significant following, and I’m of the mind that the more people that I can help or confuse, the better.  I thrive on feedback, corrections, and smart-assed comments, so I hope that you’ll update your RSS subscription and pick up the blog at it’s new home over on!

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Sankar said...


That is excellent news. Congratulations and I am pretty sure that Adam made a wise decision as he does always.

Deepak said...


Thats a great news. I am excited in reading your new posts from there and I am sure your blog will soon reach a wider audience.


Adam Haines said...

Congratulations Aaron!!!! A well deserved move. When are you moving?

Aaron Alton said...

Thanks very much, everyone.

@Adam - already done. There's one post up at SQLBlog already ( and more to come this week.

Mara said...

Need any moving boxes? I have plenty extra....

:) Congrats!

Aaron Alton said...


Brian Tkatch said...

I am excited for you, and sad for me.

Excited for you, as this is a very nice move. Sad for me, because with Blogger i know how to get all comments for all posts, but with sqlblog it's a post by post chore.

Aaron Alton said...

Hi, Brian.

I've never actually used an "all comments" feed, so I honestly didn't know that SQLBlog didn't have one. I've sent an email over to Adam Machanic to see if I'm just missing it.

Thanks for the comment - and sorry for the extra trouble!